Doing Battle with U.S. Treasury?

Do you have a home to sell in Florida but there is a lien against you, the homeowner, that is attached to any real estate property you own?  Is the IRS Keeping You from Selling Your House in Florida? The Internal Revenue Service never forgets…at least that is my experience.  So, if you own a home in the Cordova Park neighborhood in Pensacola Florida 32503, we can help you.

If money is already tight and you want to sell a house that you feel trapped in there is a solution.  When I have come to the aid of a seller in this situation, I have used the Application for Certificate of Discharge of Property from Federal Tax Lien.  Plus, my title agent at Surety Land Title in Pensacola has worked with me in this scenario and deal directly with the IRS office in Pensacola.

Is the IRS Keeping You from Selling Your House?

Even if you have a mortgage on your house along with the IRS lien you can sell your house.  I was able to sell a home for a client that had a mortgage and an IRS lien.  It was a short sale with the mortgage holder and partial release from the IRS.


A partial release allowed for the sale of the house to occur.  The IRS received partial payment of the balance due.  The lien from the IRS is not extinguished.  The lien continues with the person but now with a lower balance.  In above scenario everyone won, the IRS, the Buyer, the Mortgage Holder, and all other parties involved in a typical real estate transaction.

How important is an experienced Real Estate Agent?

What does this say about having an experience agent?  Most importantly you want someone that is not afraid of tackling unique situations.

Not only do I bring this valuable experience for you, but I now have investors that will purchase a home with cash.  In this case, looking for homes that need some help.  Check out all your options.  And please be proactive and don’t let the situation control the outcome.

Sincerely Your Buy My House Guru & Friend,
Jack Lara

Buy My House Guru Pensacola FL Jack Lara

Also, don’t let the unknown stop you from investing in property someday either. Contact us today to see how selling your one house today can lead to multiple properties for you down the road. Here’s a link to a brief article to start you in that direction. Call us anytime for more information at 1.850.616.6377!

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