Owned Your Home for Decades? Thinking About Selling to Cash Buyers in Florida?

Is your home looking tired after years of creating memories and now you are considering selling without spending a ton of money to offer it to the next homeowner?  Thinking about Selling to Cash Buyers in Florida? Now may be the perfect time for you.

The neighborhoods in and around Scenic Heights, Pensacola 32504 are well established.  The homes range from being built in late 1950’s to the recent past with a sprinkling of newer construction.  Now the area is getting a major development on the former site of the Northeast Pensacola YMCA with the creation of three soccer fields to become part Hitzman-Optimist Park.

Numerous other parks are in Scenic Heights along with Scenic Heights Elementary School make this part of Pensacola very walkable.  You can see many enjoying the bike lanes along Spanish Trail or enjoying long walks up and down Spanish Trail from Creighton Road to Summit Blvd.  And this is why Buy My House Guru is keen on taking that tired home and turning it into a gem for the next homeowner. For another great article on Selling an Older Home in the Scenic Heights Pensacola FL Area, click here.

Is the home you are in seen you put in long hours and hard earn money to keep the shine on?  Now you are contemplating whether to do this again.  Whether you do what you can yourself or have to hire a contractor is a crossroads only you can decide.  You may be thinking, “The work I put into the house will someone like it enough to buy my house?”  Or you be asking yourself, “What if I put the money into it and the house does not sell?”.  These are just a couple of questions that may have you fret over at all hours.

Should I fix up my house or sell it in Pensacola, FL?
“Is my house worth fixing and the pressures or should I sell it?”

Buy My House Guru may be a solution for you.  And if we are not a solution for you that is okay.  However, perhaps consideration is one of those nagging questions that you want to have answered.  Buy My House Guru is consistently purchasing homes and we are looking to purchase up to 3 homes per month in the Scenic Heights area (Northeast Pensacola). 

Find out this:

  • The after repair (renovation) value.
  • Our “as is” purchase price.
  • And a value if you do a light touchup.

Remember this about our “as is” purchase:

  • We pay all the closing costs
  • There is no commission
  • There are no administrative fees/hidden charges
  • We make cash purchases
  • We can close in as little as 7 days
  • We are not wholesale investor
  • We beautify homes
  • No appraisal needed
  • No inspections needed
  • And Buy My House Guru is led by two Florida real estate agents

Owned Your Home For Decades?

After reading this article, maybe now it doesn’t seem so scary to have owned your home for decades and to consider Selling to Cash Buyers in Florida. Call us today for a free cash offer for your home in as-is shape to save yourself headaches, hassle, and potential loss!

Also, don’t let the unknown stop you from investing in property someday either. Contact us today to see how selling your one house today can lead to multiple properties for you down the road. Here’s a link to a brief article to start you in that direction. Call us anytime for more information at 1.850.616.6377!

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