Solving Problems After Probate

How Qualified Cash Home Buyers in Florida Can Help

When selling an inherited house and probate has been completed there are things that can get in the way of selling the house. 

I was contacted by an out of state person who was the personal representative of an estate.  The house was in the process of being made ready to list for sale with the uncertainty of the outcome.  Great location in Cantonment, Florida, but still at the peril of the unknown.

The uncertainty was due to probable required inspection repairs, appraisal repairs, and time spent.  The most straightforward solution was for a cash purchase.  This would allow the deferred maintenance to not be an issue.

The roof had to be replaced.  The central heating cooling system needed replacement.  The interior needed updating. 

To help everyone involved, we connected the seller with a great cash home buyer in Cantonment, Florida. Our cash buyer had no issues with buying.  The benefit for the seller was the simplicity of the sale with the added benefit of the buyer paying all the typical seller closing costs and commission.  That was the easy part, contract signed to purchase.  However, there was a problem that Surety Land Title found.

We had outstanding Escambia County code enforcement liens against the deceased from a previously owned home in Pensacola, Florida.  These liens had to be satisfied to have clear title to the property to sell the house.  Because we are cash buying investors this gives the seller assurance that we can wait for issues to be resolved.  And because we are Florida licensed real estate agents and Realtors®, we were committed for the benefit of the seller to solve the liens problem.

So, with guidance from Surety Land Title in Pensacola we moved forward.  Working closely with the seller and Escambia County, the seller was able to schedule a hearing with the Special Magistrate.  The purpose of the hearing was to make an appeal for Escambia County to accept a reduced payment to fully satisfy the liens.  We provided the seller the data about the property’s market value to justify the reduced payoff of the liens.

The hearing was held via phone because this occurred during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.   The Special Magistrate approved the reduced amount to satisfy the liens. 

Buy My House Guru was part of creating a win-win outcome for all parties.  The purchase allowed the home to be renovated to like new for a new homeowner.  The seller had a secure cash transaction with no closing costs.  And the county was able recoup tens of thousands of dollars.

We can help you too!

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For fast relief and the highest cash offer for your house in the Pensacola, FL area, call Buy My House Guru today at 1.850.616.6377!

For fast relief and the highest cash offer for your house in the Pensacola, FL area, call Buy My House Guru today at 1.850.616.6377!


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