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Part 3: Sunset on Living Your Dream!

“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

Now that you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 of this short series to help you realize your dreams, here’s part 3, Sunset on Living Your Dream! 

Like the old saying goes, we reap what we sow. And with that, we need to work for our daily bread… and dreams. So while we may not of started off life where we want, through a clear vision, solid planing, and consistent focused effects, we can get there. And the even more encouraging news? It’s not how we start life that counts, but how we finish. With that said, let’s take action and finish this article so you can start planning your sunset and living your dream!


Work the Plan

In Part 1 of this series we learned how to clarify our vision. In Part 2 we learned how to reverse engineer the plan and steps to success. In this post, we’ll talk about taking action and making the plan your reality. 


Step 1. Set a Schedule

Scheduling is to time, what budgeting is to money. If you budget your money properly, you’re telling it where to go and in control. Likewise, when we schedule our time, we keep our lives in balance, stay focused, and don’t let moments we can’t get back slip away. So step 1 is to set up a daily schedule (that may vary by day) that includes all the things you have to do in life, want to do for yourself, and need to do in order to achieve your key metrics as you identified in Part 2. I recommend starting with a blank spreadsheet in Excel (or similar software package) and listing a column for each day, and a row for each 15-minute increment from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. And yes, I said 15-minute increments. Remember, “Average people live average lives. Exceptional people live exceptional lives and typically do what the ‘average’ person is to lazy to do.”


Step 2. Stick to the Schedule

You decided what your dream is in Part 1.  You established the steps to get there in Part 2.  You want to live your dream for the rest of your life and watch beautiful sunsets with those you love. Well, now is the time to be remarkable! Everyday you have a plan and outline for what needs to be done. DO IT! Stay consistent, be active each day, use checklists, have accountability partners, play fun games to help you stay motivated, whatever it takes for you to wake up each day ready to achieve today’s goals. That’s right. I said today’s goals. While you want to visualize the ultimate goal often, don’t worry about how to get there. You already set the plan. Now, simply work the plan each day as your little goal. Then, before you know it all those “little” achieved days turn into BIG achievement moments. Then, ultimately your vision is realized and you are full out living your dream! So don’t get lazy, discouraged, or allow self-doubt to get in your way. Each day stick to your schedule and plan and don’t look back!


Step 3: Tweaking the Plan

If you haven’t noticed, times, circumstances, and even the world we live in changes… and often. With that in mind, we need to be steadfast in working our plan, but also wise and flexible enough to see when something isn’t working and make some changes. A fantastic, easy to read, short book on this topic is, Who Moved My Cheese by Spenser Johnson.  This cute illustration shows us how sometimes we have our minds set on the vision (the cheese), but circumstances change and we need to adapt and overcome to find it in the maze of life. So with our goals and scheduling, likewise we must be the same. Now that doesn’t mean we are to throw away our plan everytime outside factors influence us, and it certainly doesn’t mean we give up on your dreams, but it does mean we realistically evaluate our plan in relation to the new variables, make the necessary tweaks and changes in our plan, and get back to working our plan. 

Remember,“Inch by inch it’s a cinch. Yard by yard it’s hard.”

And, “If it were easy (achieving your dream), everyone would be doing it.” 


So always keep your vision clear in your mind, focus on the daily steps you need to achieve to get there, and stick to the schedule by taking action each day so nothing distracts or derails you from living your dream!


What does all that have to do with cash home buyers in Florida?

Everything! With real estate being historically one of the biggest, best, and consistent sources of wealth, we need to make sure our current situation lines up with our future goals, and existing plan is correct. That’s why talking with Buy My House Guru can help. We will give you all the facts, our opinion based on years of experience in the field for what is the best course of action for you to live your dream, and if you decide to do so, give you CASH for your home in less than a week. No strings attached, no hidden fees, no last minute switches in the plan. Just trade your existing home, condo, or property for a full cash offer and help you start living your dream, not be bound and sinking with an ugly home or property in distress.  

So whether your ultimate goal is a beachfrontront condo, country farm with many acres, or a quaint home in the Cordova Park area of Pensacola, Florida area, please contact us. We are not only cash home buyers that buy your ugly home in Gulf Coast of Florida, but are licensed Realtors, certified distressed property experts, and care about building the community because we live here and are your neighbor! 

Call us today at 850.616.6377 to get started!

Your Buy My House Guru & Friend,

Jack Lara, Broker-Associate
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For fast relief and the highest cash offer for your house in the Pensacola, FL area, call Buy My House Guru today at 1.850.616.6377!

For fast relief and the highest cash offer for your house in the Pensacola, FL area, call Buy My House Guru today at 1.850.616.6377!

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