How do I sell my house in Gulf Breeze, Florida?

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We Buy Houses for Cash in Gulf Breeze, Florida!


We Buy Houses for Cash in Gulf Breeze, Florida. (and vacant land too!)

How do I sell my house in Gulf Breeze Florida

Are you in a situation that you need to sell your house quickly? If you are, we can help. We are Local Gulf Breeze cash home buyers. We buy houses AS IS and can close quickly or adjust to a time frame that is perfect for you. We buy houses for cash in Gulf Breeze, Florida no matter the situation, location, or condition.

Gulf Breeze and Santa Rosa county Florida is considered beautiful living by many.  However, even with the best-laid plans life can hand a homeowner bad hand.  We can work with you and get to a win-win situation.

Buy My House Guru has plenty of cash to acquire homes and perhaps yours will be a good fit for our renovation team.  We are looking to purchase 1 to 2 Gulf Breeze homes every month.  Did I mention we are not wholesale investors; we are going to close and take ownership of the home and Not shop the contract to another investor.  This means there is more money for you, no hidden surprises.

Benefits to you:

  • No necessary repairs by you.
  • No staging of the home is needed.
  • No cleaning is required.
  • The items you do not want to take with you can remain in the house.
  • You don’t pay closing costs.
  • You don’t pay a commission.
  • No appraisal to worry about.

We will carefully reimagine the home, renovate and create a beautiful canvass for the next homeowner.  We love helping people out of situation and we love creating a new opportunity for someone to fall in love with the home.  Your neighbors will appreciate the market value we will bring to them too!

“Sell My House in Gulf Breeze So All the Equity Doesn’t Slip Away, Please!”

How do I sell my house in Gulf Breeze Florida before I lose my equity

What we do differently from other investors is this, full disclosure.  What do we mean by full disclosure?  Buy My House Guru will explain the potential value is and the “as is” value for a renovation/rehab project.  You will understand what we are all about and this full disclosure will allow you to be comfortable with making a decision that is best for you!

What is the first step to selling your house in Gulf Breeze Florida?

Click here to contact us today, or you can call (850) 616-6377 now.  If we don’t pick up, please leave a message.  We don’t believe in routing calls to a call center or to some place overseas.  This is a local business, and we want this to be a personal relationship that is beneficial for you and Buy My House Guru.

So please call us, we are interested in investing in the Gulf Breeze, Florida community!

P.S. Buy My House Guru…we are licensed Florida Real Estate Agents.  We are Realtors® and because of this we are obligated to full disclosure and professionalism with the public.

P.S.S.  We have the experience to stave off foreclosure.  We have worked with many homeowners facing foreclosure.  We can deal with short sales expertly and efficiently.  And…we have dealt with multiple lien holders, county liens, city liens, and yes that dreaded 3 letter organization, the IRS (US Treasury)

Now the first step is for you to call (850) 616-6377

Either way works…let’s talk!

P.S. Ready for us to Buy Your House in Gulf Breeze, FL?

If you are facing foreclosure, upside down on your mortgage (in need of a distress sale or short sale), IRS liens, City liens, creditors putting pressure on you then you have come to right place.  Over 100 homeowners including investors have been helped in avoiding foreclosure and dealing with those mentioned above!

Call Us Today at (850) 616-6377. Or, send us a message by filling out the short form below now!

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